To be a leading ministry in the provision of equitable, affordable, accessible, and sustainable quality healthcare services to achieve the highest health status for the people of Kaduna.


To ensure the delivery of quality healthcare services to all the people in Kaduna state by providing clear policy directions and implementing all health plans in collaboration with relevant stakeholders


Core Mandates

Coordination of the Development of Health Policies, Plans and Budget

To provide Preventive, Curative, Promotive and Rehabilitative health care services

To ensure Provision & Equitable Distribution of Adequate Human Resources for Health

To oversee Health training institutions & Health manpower Development

To ensure the Availability of Essential Medicines and Medical Supplies.

To develop and Maintain Infrastructure for provision of health services .

To translate and formulate government policies and plans on all health matters

To initiate legislation of health service delivery in the state.

To coordinate development partner’s activities to achieve aid effectiveness

To regulate all private health establishments in line with the State and National policies

To promote the conduct and utilization of operational research for effective healthcare delivery