Kaduna State Contributory Health Management Agency

The agency was conceived by the Kaduna State Government for all residents of the State in line with the global agreement by the World Health Organization member countries (including Nigeria) to attain Universal Health Coverage for citizens of the world.

The journey for the creation of the Kaduna State Contributory Health Scheme began with the declaration by the National Health Insurance Scheme that all State Governments in Nigeria have autonomy to design a Scheme that will reflect the health priorities of the State and establish an Agency that will govern the Scheme.

KADCHMA’s Mandates

  • To ensure that every resident of Kaduna State has access to quality and affordable healthcare services.
  • To ensure that all residents of Kaduna State have financial protection from the financial hardship of huge medical bills
  • To limit the rise in the cost of healthcare services
  • To ensure that the poor and vulnerable shall be guaranteed basic minimum package as defined under the National Health Act.
  • To ensure equitable distribution of health care costs across different income groups.
  • To maintain high standard of health care delivery services within the health sector
  • To ensure efficiency in health care services delivery
  • To improve and harness private sector participation in the provision of health care services
  • To ensure adequate distribution of health facilities within the State
  • To ensure appropriate patronage at all levels of the healthcare Delivery system
  • To ensure availability of alternate source of funding to the Health sector for improved services
  • To in cases where residents do not have available medical services to take such measures as are necessary to plan, organize and develop medical services and other health services commensurate with needs of the residents.

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