About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission and Core Values Our mission is to ensure the delivery of quality health care services to all the people in Kaduna State by providing clear policy directions and implementing all necessary health plans in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

Who we are

The Ministry of Health provides preventive, curative, pro-motive and rehabilitative health care services in line with government policies and plans; ensures the availability of essential medicines and medical supplies and regulates all private health establishments in line with the State

Service Charter

This service charter sets out the services provided by Kaduna State Ministry of Health, the service performance targets we aim to achieve, and the standards to which we will provide these services to our clients. It shows our clients how

What we do

Our Key Services

  Curative Services. Medical attention such as diagnostic, Investigations and prescription of essential Medicines to meet the medical conditions of patients. Preventive Services. Interrupting the development of diseases in individuals and communities Rehabilitative Services Minimizing/abolishing the effect of disabilities in

Our Key Clients

Our key clients are: Government of Kaduna State Local Governments Federal Ministry of health Agencies and Health training institutions Public health Facilities Health Management Boards, Health management Committee, Facility Health Committee of our health Facilities. Private Health Facilities Development Partners

Revision of Service Charter

This charter shall be reviewed every three(3) years or as the need arises to keep abreast with new developments and to accommodate any lessons learnt. The revision will also reflect necessary changes based on suggestions from our clients and stakeholders.

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