This charter shall be reviewed every three(3) years or as the need arises to keep abreast with new developments and to accommodate any lessons learnt. The revision will also reflect necessary changes based on suggestions from our clients and stakeholders.

This service charter was prepared on 18th July 2013. The next revision, which will incorporate relevant feedback from our customers and changes in our service focus or mandates, will be in July 2016.

 Translation Help

This charter will be translated in Hausa, Fufude and Kanuri for clients who need such help. Our translation service is available at:

  1. The office of the  Director of Admin and Supplies:

Mondays-Fridays: 10.00am -3.00pm

  1. The  Medical Directors’  Offices in our secondary health facilities:

Mondays-Fridays: 10.00am -3.00pm

Communication and Accessibility of Service Charter

 This Service Charter is available and provided free to all clients in hard copy at :

  1. The Office of the Director, Admin and Supplies

Kaduna State Ministry of Health

  1. Ministry of Health resource centre
  2. Bureau of Public Service reform

4.The Office of the Public Relations Officer, Kaduna State Ministry of Health.

Furthermore, the service charter is available on our website:

  1. Kaduna State Government website:

  2. Ministry of Health website